Drunky Monkey

monkey-beerBaby Chimps can make anything look cute...

Even alcoholism.

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Fat girl lashes out when guy denies having sampled her wares...

fat-bananaWhat next???? Mopeds with automatic Facebook updates????

There used to be an unwritten rule between the hideous and morbidly obese and those who decided to bite the bullet and give 'em a good one 'fer.

But apparently that is all gone now as the fat women of the world have taken to the Youtubes to get their message out to the world.

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Dude... Bro... UFO...

aliens-ufo-greys-mothershipApparently, on July 8th 2012, there was a cluster of unidentified lights seen hovering over the skyline of Los Angeles.

And out of the millions (and millions) of Los Angelinos carrying cell phones with cameras built into them in their pockets, the roving bands of scumbag photographers willing to do anything to get ‘the Picture’, and the countless other video recording devices (be they security or Hollywood0 floating around in that city, our only documentation of this event was from a pack of dude bros.

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Thomas Jane brings back The Punisher...

punisherWhile Marvel and DC spent their Comic Con announcing the various new (and rehashed) superhero titles that we can be expecting to come to theaters near us within the next year or two, perhaps the biggest buzz about the exploits of a superhero on the silver screen came from out of nowhere…

It came from Thomas Jane.

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Helter Skelter!!!!

a kill whitey-fist2There is a certain segment of the population that is convinced that America is still a land of racial inequality.

Shackled to her original sin of slavery and mired by the fallout from the Civil Rights movement of the 60s,in the minds of these citizens America has yet to make right to African Americans…

Sure, they can vote, get jobs, live where they want, sit and drink anywhere the feelings arise…

But what about those dirty looks store clerks give them…

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