How much longer must our Nation be embarrassed?!?!

shamed-libertyHere it is...not a week since I made my call out on this very website to have this unsingable Anthem changed into a lovely, moving instrumental (preferably an electric guitar but lately the idea of an acoustic guitar being accompanied by a lonely banjo seems sort of right) when low and behold...another example of the butchery that usually attributed with a singing of this song. 

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A New Anthem for a Better America...

metallica2There are an awful lot of things wrong with America these days...

Bloated, soft, and an unearned sense of entitlement rotting out it’s foundation, the Nation stands at the face of Destiny and seems rudderless. 

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Human Decency pushed in Amateur Porn...

weird-sexWe all have sex. 

Well, not all of us... Most of us have sex, be it with a monogamous partner or as some swinging single out there coning lonely hearts into letting you get into their honeytraps for the night. The rest, I presume, are to some degree or another unfuckable and thus unable to continue your genetic coding into the future. You will not be missed.

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Never f**k with a Trannie...

TickedOffTranniesPoster-1In our society, there are no two more vilified creatures than the trannies and the frat boys. The hyper extremes of their respective social groups, these two units are just a war waiting to happen... hyper-aggressive, booze fueled frat boys and the strange, violent, mascu-fem world of the transsexual. 

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Great Bigfoot Videos...

SasquatchtheLegendofBigfootIn an interest to generate some eyes to their television program (Finding Bigfoot, Sundays at 10 pm EST on Animal Planet), the good people of Finding Bigfoot have been sharing with the world some of their amazing viewer submitted "evidence" as to the existence of the mythical being (and understand, they are convinced that the Beast isn't a myth needing be proved but rather an elusive being that we need to study and better understand).

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Gay Marriage....

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