For some reason a woman with jiggly boobs got people angry...

111914-jiggle-saraxSomeone needs to explain this to me... 

A woman, who had achieved internet acclaim by twerking her boobs, is upset at people looking at her boobs and somehow garnered death threats over the matter...

Everyone, meet Sara X Mills. 

Sara is the girl who posted a video of herself jiggling her dirty pillows to Mozart. Classy, right? If you missed it, have a gander... 

Fun, right? 

Well, her video went viral and- being the good egg she is- then dedicated her video as a vehicle for breast cancer fundraising as more and more eyes were drawn to her hypnotic movements. Sadly though, she  repurposed the video as a charity vehicle a bit too late; raising only two thousand bones for her cause (despite her fun bags earning some thirty two million views... With a sizable chunk of those views coming from unscrupulous sorts who removed the later added "please donate" message for their own profit oriented messaging (she alludes to this manner of skullduggery being behind her lackluster fund raising… which just had to be the reason she busted as a fundraiser... Not that titty jiggling to the classics isn't the greatest method for charity fundraising... Couldn't be it… Maybe if it had been something more traditional, like Motley Crue or Ludacris or something…).

Aussie news gather, 9News, spoke with the lass, claiming her to be appalled by all the attention her little gimmick had garnered. 

"I had no control of this getting as big as it did... It probably should have been someone who practiced the violin. A lot of people have sent me messages saying it isn't fair and I completely agree with them. But people like boobs.” she told the news station, addressing the cyber-haters giving her shit (and death threats) in the comment section. 

Slut Shaming





This is a nutty world we have created for ourselves... I hope we see proud of ourselves. First we have the boob jiggle lady, who garnered a modicum of fame for shaking her money makers to music. A cool trick- sure- but it's a day one stripper trick... Like ass clapping or mild pole work. 

But it's hardly the skill worthy of the lofty heights she must have envisioned (being that the decent amount of 2K seemed paltry to young Sara). Did she think she was the new Susan Kolman? 

But she’s harmless in the grand scheme of things… Pretty girls always overplay their value. It's the luxury of having a commodity in very high demand. And as much as the unfuckable of the world would object... There is no more valuable commodity in this world than a pretty girl. So the tatted girl got famous looking cute and shaking her tits. It happens. It's not unfair... It's life. 

But that’s the issue with these just awful humans that make up the comment sections of all websites. In their righteous opinion, titty jiggling is hardly a talent worth recognition in the eyes of the mass populous, and the idea of some tart getting over on the quick with her cheap parlor trick while some prodigy goes unnoticed because she's pan faced and flat chested just devastates them. 

If it helps them sleep better, i’d like to remind them that all the attention this chippy has garnered has had nothing to do with her "talent". It's a stripper trick, just like twerking and ass clapping... A tried and true method of getting male attention… but hardly a talent in the traditional sense… You can hate her if you like (though somewhere that sentiment sorta betrays the sisterhood, don't it?), scorn her if you must. But do we really need to threaten her? 

She's a boob dancer. She's harmless. 


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