Who you gonna call???

73014-ghosts-booAnyone out there up for a good scare???!

For many years, this website had been your destination for all things weird and unexplainable... Right up until I got bored of sharing the same video of some blurry image moving across a dimly lit room over and over... 

At that point, I swore- both to myself and to you, the loyal readers of this nonsense- that I would to share any more of this mumbo jumbo unless it was actually worth sharing. 

And guess what I found... 

Security footage from a closed circuit camera inside the Brookside theatre (located in Romford, United Kingdom) has captured some pretty interesting footage that is sure to leave your heart racing and your skin tingling (no shit, it did to mine)...

In the footage, bright orbs can be seen dashing around the room periodically, but that's hardly the money shot. There are in fact two in this video, a chair that gets slid along by some unseen entity at the :12 second mark and a table which also gets moved inexplicably at the :28 mark. 


Give it a gander... Just do it with the lights on...  

Spooky shit, right? 

 “There have been several things that have happened in the past, noises and creeks etc, but we’ve got used to it,” said Brookside manager Jai Seppie to The Daily Mail. “We’ve had a child’s footprints in the foyer, and one cast member said he saw a strange figure once. He ran after it thinking it was a person, but the figure just disappeared and there was nowhere for it to go. He was visibly shaken after that.”


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