Cletus T. Broshus & the Blue Ridge Beast: Chapter One

CTB-BRBeast-logoSettle yourself in, kids… The Weekly Constitutional is pleased to bring you the continuing adventures of Cletus T. Broshus, redneck, pot head, monster hunter… Only he doesn't quite know it… not yet… 

Our story began, though, following the tragic ends of the Birchum men while on a hunting trip, when they came across a mysterious ferocious beast while walking through the woods one fateful day. But more about that later… for now, let’s sit back… relax… maybe spark yourself a little green and enjoy Chapter one of Cletus T. Broshus & the Blue Ridge Beast… 

Cletus T. Broshus & the Blue Ridge Beast

Chapter One:

No Better Friend


"Thanks for meeting with me again, Lester," Darren Jolniki starts, smiling warmly at the disheveled man sitting across from him. Behind him, a few men seat themselves along the second bed of the hotel room. 

"Ain't a thing, Darren... Thought we were done with the interviews the last time..." The man he called "Lester" replies as he sits at a small table by the window, fingers quickly working a small pile of loose tobacco into a cigarette. He was tall and thin, leathery skin hanging loose of knotted muscle and bone. His hair was long and grey, fashioned into a braid running down his back. Finished with their task, his thick, calloused fingers raised his creation to his lips, a click off his lighter enveloping his head in a foul grey cloud. 

"We were... But my friends and I were in town getting some establishing shots for the doc when I remembered something from your story I wanted you to tell them..." Darren continues, adjusting himself on the bed across from Lester. 

"Glad to help, if I can..." Lester replied, confused but agreeably. He'd gotten used to people asking him to tell his stories. Came with the territory, he reckoned. 

"Awesome, just a second..." Darren says, reaching into his bag for a thin silver recorder. He fiddles with it for a second, starting a new track file before lifting the device to his mouth.

"Florida Massacre Investigation, interview subject Lester Colton..." He said into the slim silver device before leaning his hand out, holding the recorder near Lester.


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