Ghost Captured on School Security Camera

Who wants to watch a creepy video??? 


A high school in Ireland has released a snippet of video, captured earlier this month on its security feed, and it seems to be getting quite a bit of attention. 



Check out this ghostly clip. 


According to the principle, the school- established some two hundred years ago- has had its share of paranormal activities; the janitor- a thirty plus year employee of the school- claiming to have witnessed several other supernatural incidents. 


Seeing is believing??? 


No front. Watching this gave me an odd chill and tight goose pimpled skin. 


First time anyway. 


Didn’t take too long to settle myself though; the ghostly violence easily explained with low grade special effects and a cooperative administration with a desire to draw some playful ink. 

Sadly this is the best way to approach these sorts of things in this digital age (where any dick with a camera and a little free time can create any sort of wonder he wants to capture)… 


But it could be real.


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