Denver to hire rats!!!


And the award for most obvious use of symbolism goes to.....In these hard economic times, the fact that anyone is looking to hire people is outstanding.  And when you ADD that whomever it is doing the hiring is not only going to overlook a shady past, but rather would admit that a criminal record might very well help... well that just gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling all over.

But if this was just a story about some do-gooder entrepreneur looking to give some knar-do-well gone good a second chance at society then it wouldn't have ever shown up on the web.  Feel good is for Will Smith, this is the Internet!!!  If it ain't apocalyptic, then it ain't gonna make it.  Nay for a story to make its way across the cyber-wires, it needs to have some meat to it.  And meat this story has, as the perspective employer just happens to be the Eagle County Sherriff's Office.

"Wanted: People who hang out with crooks.  Drug use and criminal record OK.  Must be willing to work odd hours.  Make some extra cash... Give us a call and we will work out the details- Confidentiality is guaranteed."

Joe Hoy... Sheriff or visionary???That's what the ad run by the Eagle County Sheriff in the Vail Daily classified read, and its intent to dredge up the soft underbelly of the criminal world to find the rats seems to have worked!  According to the sheriff, Joe Hoy (who apparently came up with this idea after he saw The Departed), they have had over a dozen interested applicants have already made contacts with them, proving once and for all that there is in fact no honor among thieves.


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