Ebola-palooza: Week Two

10514-ebolapalooza-titleThe Nation is still gripped in Ebola Terror (though not enough to keep the Fox NFLPregame Show from making a joke about it), as worry that the incurable African virus will consume Dallas (or a city near you, given the orgasmic coverage local news channels are giving to every reported check in a hospital of "Flu like symptoms similar to Ebola". 

We be fools if we didn't cover it, so here it goes... A money shot of virus news sure to keep you up tonight scrubbing everything with Clorox wipes... 


Ebola in Dallas

We start in Dallas, were we learn that Typhoid Mary is struggling to keep his hold of the mortal coil. Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who as it turned out lied to get here to share his curse I reckon, is struggling to live in a Dallas Hospital, as the CDC struggles to get a hold of the outbreak. 

10514-ebolapalooza-cdc-goon"The man in Dallas, who is fighting for his life, is the only patient to develop Ebola in the United States," Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said on CNN's "State of the Union"; desperate to keep panic from consuming an already pessimistic people. 


If only the American people had a rock of some sort... An ever steady Foundation we could lay our trust in for a calm today and better tomorrow... 


Ebola and Obama

10514-ebolapalooza-obamacdcThis has not been a good Second Term for Barry, the Boy Wonder. Mired in scandal, distracted by crumbling foreign policy as the world teeters on the brink of chaos, and seeming either too incompetent or disinterested to act, President Obama has been struggling to gain any sort of forward momentum as his Second Term nears sunset. 

Cries from Washington's opposition (and increasingly by Democrats, as Barry's political capital has run dry) have demanded answers as to the sloppy handing of the Ebola scare (not to mention his foreign policy disasters, sluggish economy, and stalled domestic agenda), seeming to put the President on the defensive. Today, the White House again reassured the American people that this Ebola thing was well under hand and that we have nothing to worry about... 

But many still do, including myself, feel that there is more the White House can do...

There still are no flight restrictions to West Africa (where Ebola is currently thriving), leaving not just the United States, but the rest of the world exposed to perhaps having to themselves fight off this lethal virus. Nor is there any effort to curb the influx of illegal immigrants (the family that Patient Zero happened to be visiting is part of a 10000 strong Liberian community tucked in the belly of Dallas, many of whom are known to be overstaying their visas). One would this that with Ebola now showing up on American soil (As well as there haVing been some correlation between these cases of this nasty enterovirus that is paralyzingly kids and the "unaccompanied minors" that Lord Barrack had ICE stash all over), that some care might be heeded in the future treatment of those trying to gain access to the country. 

One would think.... 

Ebola and the End of the World

We have also been continuing our recent claims that this most recent Ebola outbreak is part of a larger plan by evil multinationals looking to reform the world into a more palatable image, and dug up some interesting truffles of knowledge. 

10514-ebolapalooza-aidworkersIn Liberia, Ground Zero for this current human curse, there is much speculation that American pharmaceutical companies and the various Alphabet organizations are behind the current outbreak, seeking to coincide with a recent vaccination initiative we sponsored. Aid workers are routinely attacked, the spooked populace driven mad from allegations of witchcraft until worked into a bloodlust.  

To date, 3400 of the nearly 7500 reported cases of Ebola in Liberia have ended in a horrific death, with no end in sight to date. 

As for this Pharmaceutical company conspiracy, there a threat that demands focus...

It hypothesizes that there was need to increase the bottom line, the popularity for vaccinations somewhat stemming (despite all of Jenny McCarthy's Mia culpas) due to concerns (not of autism, but rather of a weakening of the immune system due to a reliance on these unnatural illness repellents). For the most part, everyone gets the big one- measles, mumps, and rubella- and the HPV and hepatitis vaccines have found some users. But the others- for the various flus and  Childhood illnesses we used to be expected to just suck up and cope with; the 


ability to ward off illness a prerequisite to survive this planet- There just hasn't been the demand. 

Perhaps Big Pharma determined we just disrespect the flu and chicken pox, opting for the homeopathic forms of treatment should they be needed in order to survive these infestations. Perhaps we needed something bigger and scarier to get us to roll up our sleeves (and, more important, our children's sleeves), and figured nothing would do that trick quite like Polio like paralysis in children and blood draining out of your pores and orifices until you die. 

The Government, now as involved with Health Care as they are the bullet and bomb making business, also see value in such a shock to the system; their fledgling attempts to instill confidence in their efforts to take over the American Health Care system seeming to be dying on the vine of public approval. So perhaps they go lax on a few illegals here and there...expedite the quarantine process (if they even bothered having one) in order to get these little carriers all over the place. There's no intention for there to be death; The hubris of Overconfidence in their system and learned men to contain this threat blinding them to the various twists and turns containing such quick spreading viruses can cause. e needed in order to survive these infestations. Perhaps we needed something bigger and scarier to get us to roll up our sleeves (and, more important, our children's sleeves), and figured nothing would do that trick quite like Polio like paralysis in children and blood draining out of your pores and orifices until you die. 


Of course, this is all wild speculation, fueled by a literal trash bag of marijuana, but it might be right....



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