Harrison Ford talks about new Indiana Jones movie...

indiana_jones_and_the_kingdom_of_the_crystal_skull_movie_image_harrison_ford__1_Last September, Harrison Ford Alluded to some talks between himself, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas to see if the three of them had enough in the tank to rape my childhood one more time- err, make a fifth Indiana Jones movie. 

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Zoolander 2????

zoolander-hanselThe other day I was smoking grass and thinking to myself "Ya know... it would be sooo great if there was another movie about almost gay male models featuring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson making the same face for nearly two hours".  Granted, I also thought that if I put my hand on my dog's head while touching my forehead with her paw and we both really thought hard that our minds would form some sort of cosmic link allowing me to finally figure out why she insists on shitting in my boots every morning.

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Cheech & Chong Animted Movie...

cc_upinsmoke_ms_5This is gonna sound like Stoner Blasphemy but between you and I find the comedic stylings of Cheech & Chong kind of overrated.  Hell, I dare say I find it kind of offensive. There isn't much to the shtick:  One stoner hippie and one oversexed racial stereotype on a quest to coast through life.  No matter the bit, no matter the film- that is the whole of Cheech and Chong's comedy.

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Thor in Iron Man ???

thorThere are times when there are things even too nerdy for me to report on.  I know with all the robot sex and zombie apocalypse talk I do on here it is a rather hard truth to buy, but yes even I know when to say when in regards to my geeking it up on the site (as opposed to in my personal life where I have dumped someone before for not liking Star Wars and am currently not taking to my brother because of an argument he and I are in over whether or not Stargate: Universe is the Voyager of the franchise...)

That being said, please bear with me as I am having a hard time keeping something in my pants right now...

Thor will be appearing in the new Iron Man movie...

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Cop Out red band trailer...

copout_1sheet_domI know I am not alone when I say that Kevin Smith and his movies are important to me.  Not in that life changing ay some people found Forrest Gump or Avatar or anything, but important one the less.  without the films of Kevin Smith, conversations about going ass to mouth or whether or not the contractors working on the unfinished Death Star in Return of the Jedi were to blame in their deaths as they knowingly took the job to build a battle station would have never taken place.

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