Ryan Phillippe tops disappointing list of actors up to play Cap'n America...

firstavenger-captain-americaHow is this for a what the fuck moment.

Ryan Phillipe is on the shortlist to lay Captain America in the captain America movie expected to drop in 2012.

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Ron Perlman cast in new Conan...

arnie-conanI was never sure how I felt about the attempt being made to reboot the Conan franchise.  It has been almost thirty years since Arnold Schwarzenegger has donned the ol' leather loin cloth and pondered on the riddle of steel. 

But Crom has shined upon the fledgling franchise relegated for all these years as a mere cult hit and, despite not resonating at all with anyone under the age of thirty, Conan will once again make its way to the silver screen. 

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Review- Cop Out

copout-posterCop Out is a very important film to Kevin Smith.  For a while now, Kevin Smith has been kind of down and out.  Once "the People's Champion" in Hollywood and the Indy scene darling of the early 90's, smith could seemingly do no wrong.  Beloved y his legions of cult like fans, smith ruled over his kingdom piously.  His dialogue driven films seemed to always have an audience and were always well received by his core fans.  But then, Jersey Girl happened...

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Review: Alice in Wonderland

alice-wonderland-burton-movieGiven the visually intense nature of the undertaking, the idea that a "live action" version of Alice in Wonderland was going to be helmed by former Disney animator Tim Burton, it seemed only fitting.  Making the film for Walt Disney and starring bizarre character actor extraordinaire, Johnny Depp, only added to the madness behind what could be an insane family hit that the whole world could fall in love with (like Pirates of the Caribbean and Avatar).

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2010 Oscar Predictions....

oscarSunday, the 82 annual Academy awards are going to be handed out.  The glitz... the glimmer...  that crypt keeper Joan Rivers patrolling the red carpet like some rubber zombie in a Romeo zombie flick.  Will Avatar be named Best Picture?  Or will it be The Hurt Locker's year.  

Join us, as we break down the major nominations, and give you our picks.

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