James Cameron talking more Avatar...

James_Cameron_lr01_540x359James Cameron is wasting little time in becoming this generation's George Lucas...

While on a press tour promoting the rerelease of the highest grossing film ever made (Avatar), the verbose Cameron not only tried to convince folks as to why they should spend another $15 to see a movie they more than likely already own, but also why they should buy the yet to be released novelization upset movie as well as... wait for it... the two sequels to the 2009 sci-fi epic.

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New Harry Potter trailer released...

harry_potter_and_the_deathly_hallows_movie_posterAll right, all you filthy Muggles...

Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows set to be released November 19, 2010 (with the second of the two part finale to drop July of 2011).

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Might there be a Die Hard 5???

jhnmcnlIn maybe the best entertainment news I have come across (and thus passing along to you) in quite some time, 20th Century Fox is said to have hired a screenwriter to pen the next Die Hard movie.

Die Hard 5, tentatively titled Die Hard 24/7, is being penned by Skip Woods, whose credits include Swordfish, Hitman, Wolverine, and The A-Team­ movie.

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Little Obama movie trailer!!!

Barack Obama-ASG-021711Wow... we had heard that a movie (very loosely) based on the early part of Pres. Barrack Obama's life was being filmed in Indonesia.

Well, they finally finished it...

And judging from the trailer, it's a fucking hoot…

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Review: Iron Man 2

war-machine-iron-man-2-1600In 2008, Iron Man was believed to be a second tier comic book character, with little known of the character's story beyond his name. 

But with the truck loads of money superhero movies have been making in the box office these days, name recognition is enough- when paired with a daring casting choice or two- to make a Hollywood studio risk the money to get the films made. 

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