Can Transformers Save GM?


If you are anything like me and love movies based on your favorite childhood memories and bad ass cars, you won't want to miss Transformers 2. The much awaited sequel that could be part of the salvation of the once great General Motors. Who needs a bailout when you can be saved by Autobots.


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Review: The Watchmen


bloody smilieImagine if you will that Zack Snyder was pregnant.  And all through the pregnancy, the birth, and as the baby grows, Snyder thinks of what the baby can become.  A doctor... A lawyer... President even.  But as the baby becomes a boy, and the boy into a man, the expectations get lower because the baby turned out to be dumb and lazy.  The hopes of doctor and lawyer slowly dwindle into the relief that the baby managed to graduate high school without going to jail or knocking up an underclassman or something.  And while this analogy may sound like the rambling of a drunken hobo trying to speak the wisdom of the ages to whomever cares to listen, for whatever reason it makes sense to me in reference to The Watchmen... by the end of it, you're just happy they managed to get to the end.

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The 81st Annual Academy Awards... BLAHHHH...

Well the Oscars were last night.  The pomp.  The celebrity.  That near queer Ryan Seacrest working the red carpet like a starving whore when the fleet comes in.  Hugh Jackman queened it up, only proving to me further his amazing acting chops.  I mean have we ever seen Wolverine sashay about like that swishy fuck does?  Musical numbers… bad shtick… he was a cock away from breaking the hearts of millions of comic book nerds.  But for what he was, he wasn’t bad… not good by any stretch of the imagination but not bad.

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