Review- Clash of the Titans

clash-of-the-titans-poster-1If you took a poll of the movie going public asking which film they would have liked to have seen remade by Hollywood, 1982's Clash of the Titans would have surely topped that list.  The classic tale of the war between Gods and men is beloved by many, but sadly trying to rewatch that movie these days has become rather painful.  while cutting edge for 1982, the stop motion animation and primitive blue screen offend our 21 century cinematic sensibilities (what with porn having better special effects in it than the '82 Clash).

So when the news came out that Clash of the Titans was being primed for a remake, it was greeted with open arms.  It seemed like a sure fire n brainer of a movie idea. 

clash-of-the-titans-pictures-3It’s not like they are going against a juggernaut with the original.  While beloved, the original Clash wasn’t The Godfather or anything.  It was a fun movie based on a story that had withstood the test of time (as it was a story that had been told, in some way or another, for millennia).  And the word on the new Clash seemed to be good: a 300 styled mythology based action adventure directed by Louis Leterrier, who did a god job with Transporter1&2 as well as The Incredible Hulk, the latest in computer generated imaging to bring the clash-of-the-titans-worthigtonmonsters and gods of ancient Greek myth to stunning life, A-Listers Liam Neeson as "Zeus" (originally played by Sir Lawrence Olivier), Sam "Hot Action Star of the Moment" Worthington as "Perseus" (originally played by '80s dreamboat Harry Hamlin), and Lord Voldemort himself Ralph Fiennes as Hades.  Combine that with the afore mentioned timeless tale and you would think this is as close to no-brainer "just add water" film making as one could get.

Question is... did it work...

The Good...

- clash-of-the-titans-withesNever mind the big name stars in this flick- the special effects are what is driving this bad boy, and they show up in spades.  The Kraken, Medusa, evil winged demon monkeys with a taste for Greeks, giant scorpions, blind witches, and a beast man all come to stunning lift in this film as they terrorize the ancient Greeks into doing the bidding of the Gods.  The movie is good looking as Hell and deserves being watched on the big screen.


-There's no way to fuck up this story:  Man offends the gods, Gods issue a punishment, Hero seeks out way to survive punishment, hero defeats monster, roll credits.  Of course you have heard this story before... hence classic tale... The fact that you know the story is not going to hurt the watchability of this film.  It's one of the main reasons you are going to go see it in the first place.

- From the word "go", Clash of the Titans is nonstop action. Vengeful gods, blood thirty monsters, revenge bent demons, and giant enchanted arachnids are all trying to stop sword wielding Perseus and the band of heavily armed Greeks he leads on this mystical quest to save Andromeda from the wrath of the Kraken. 

The Bad... 

- titans-perseus-actionSam Worthington.  In Terminator: Salvation his bad acting was kept hidden because McG and Christian Bale did more to make that movie suck.  In Avatar, he went unnoticed, spending the vast majority of that film as an animated blue cat.  But in Clash of the titans he is center of mind the whole time.  And boy oh boy- does he stink on ice.  Wooden and devoid of any charisma (but is he ever a dream boat), Worthington brings little to this movie other than his ability to look good swinging a sword.  A better more likable actor might have been a more welcome casting call for this movie.  He doesn't hurt the movie- like we said, he looks good doing Greek warrior stuff- he just isn't a very good actor.

- zeus1As good as Ancient Greece looked; Mount Olympus left much to be desired.  glowing and shiny to the point of making it kind of hard to watch, the Greek Pantheon of Gods (especially the heavily armored Zeus, who at times was just a bright white blur) looked more like they wanted t race light cycles than they did be adored by the ancient Greeks. 

The Verdict...

Despite this film's shortcomings, it's an enjoyable film for every reason we claimed it to be good.  Tight action, impressive special effects, and a classic story about good defeating evil and the strength of Men over their "gods", Clash of the Titans delivers the same feel good punch as it's 1982 predecessor.  A solid 3.5 flushes for this one, good popcorn munching entertainment for this god looking Easter weekend.

That being said, save the cash and stick with the 2D.  As with last month's Alice in Wonderland, this movie was forced into 3D after the wild success of Avatar, not because it was always intended to be in 3D.