Bantha poodoo from the Star Wars rumor mill...

star wars lead1Star Wars mania has reached a fever pitch for me. Every day I am finding myself spending more and more of my precious free time digging around the interweb searching for any and all nuggets if information floating around out there about the beloved Franchise of my youth (and the bain of my early twenties until Revenge of the Sith, the most watchable of the three).

More news is leaking out all over the internet concerning the Disney/ Star Wars mergers that rocked the sci-fi world.

star_wars_episode_viiEntertainment Weekly, Kathleen Kennedy alluded to more than just a three shot in the future of the Star Wars franchise… Not even close.

This buttresses with the reports that E!Online had been running with, claiming that new Trilogy will be an original story (smiting the dreams of fanboys wishing wishes beyond wishes that the new trilogy would be based on the Thrawn Trilogy) intended on opening the world to a Marvel universe styled Star Wars  franchise, with multiple moves based upon multiple characters, cumulating into massive billion dollar supermovies.

And in my opinion, this is a wonderful freaking idea.

The idea of pulling off what Marvel did with The Avengers, loosely linking the three Hero films that preceded it into a larger overarching story arc (which is rumored to be more involved in the future films, with the characters themselves moving though the actual films to move along both story lines), is ambitious… But it could also be done.

Easily, to be honest.

But for it to work, it will require for there to be enough characters floating around in this new universe to warrant side projects strong enough to not just hold a movie on their own but also to be able to move along a far larger story line in such a manner that an audience watching these movies actually care about it. 

Cake right??



And it’s n

Like Princess Leia, for example…ot like there isn’t a pantheon of characters available to bring try and bring some new life into this project…

According to a poster on, when asked if she was going to be involved in the new set of Trilogy movies by some fanboy Carrie Fisher stated “Yes....I thought it was already common knowledge.”






Immediately following the collective nerd-gasm that took over the Twitter-verse, Carrie Fisher’s people slinked out of whatever dank pit her representatives slinked from and stated:

"She hasn't confirmed anything… Everything you've seen has been tongue-in-cheek."

Legions of Stare Wars  films are being loaded into the chamber and Carrie Fisher talking out of her ass about already being cast in the afore mentioned movies...

Hopeless losers grasping onto the smallest grains of anything about these movies worth giving a shit about…

When Al Gore invented the internet, I bet he never thought once it would end up being used specifically for this.


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